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Ideas for #followanarchive day on twitter, November 12, 2010

What to do in advance?
- create a twitter account. It's easy to do. See instructions.
- follow @followanarchive on twitter to keep informed.
- put the twitter account of your archive on the #followanarchive map. It is easy to do. See instructions.
- let people know you join #followanarchive.
- write an enthousiastic post on the weblog/website of your archive about your archive joining in on #followanarchive day.
- check out if your archive is on one of the lists of archives on twitter on the twitter account of @followanarchive. If not, please tell us!
- write an article for the press (papers, magazines, but also internet press) to let everybody know your archive is going to join #followanarchive day.
- Make a short video of your archive and let your archivists tell how great it is to join #followanarchive day. Put it on your website or weblog or YouTube. Send the link to @followanarchive and we will put it on our FollowAnArchive blog.

What to organize on #followanarchive day in your archive?
- hang up the QR-poster of #followanarchive day.
- project your tweets about #followanarchive and the streams of the hashtag #followanarchive on the wall of a projection screen in your archive
- organize a tweetup
- create a special #followanarchive tweet for your archive.
- offer free coffee or tea or refreshments and something nice to eat to people who retweeted your sepcial #followanarchive tweet.
- offer a free membership for a year of an association 'Friends of the ...(name)... Archive' to people who retweeted your sepcial #followanarchive tweet.
- offer free access to a service visitors of your archive have to pay for, to people who retweeted your sepcial #followanarchive tweet.

What to organize with worldwide effect?
- welcome your new followers in English and use the hashtag #followanarchive.
- follow some (foreign) archives you didn't follow yet and tell your followers why. Use the hashtag #followanarchive.
- let people know why they should follow your archive, tell them about your special collections or activities e.g. Use the hashtag #followanarchive.
- tweet some tweets in English about your archive and use the hashtag #followanarchive.
- maybe archives all over the world can communicate via Skype and webcams about their experiences on #followanarchive day.

What does the FollowAnArchive team do?
- see what we did in advance at ABOUT on this blog.
- create a special #followanarchive poster.
- create a special #followanarchive banner.
- create special widgets for people who do something special on #followanarchive day.
- create country lists on this blog, refering to the lists on the twitter account @followanarchive
- put short video's on this blog of archivists and visitors of archives telling how great it is to join #followanarchive day.
- starting the countdown for #followanarchive day on October 12, one month before November 12. Every day information about #followanarchive day.
- tweet and retweet special #followanarchive tweets on November 12.
- write updates on this blog about the preparations and about the experiences on November 12.
- write on this blog about results of #followanarchive day

Do you have ideas?
If you have some exciting ideas for #followanarchive day, please tell us! We'll put them on this page IDEAS.
Thanks very much!

The FollowAnArchive team: Poulus, Charlotte, Bente, Anneke

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