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Sunday, May 27, 2018

#archivesmemory on International Archives Day 2018

Diary of Hendrik Brouwer (1769-1817), wine merchant in Middelburg and member of the city council. Zeeuws Archief | Zeeland Archives - Archive Family Brouwer, nr 1.


Twitter event on #IAD18 : #archivesmemory

International Archives Day 2018 #IAD18 is coming up! Like every year Ask Archivists and Follow An Archive organize a celebration event on Twitter on June 9.

With the celebration event we join the theme ‘Archives, Governance, Memory and Heritage’ of the International Council on Archives (ICA).

The theme of the annual Twitter event will be: #archivesmemory. It’s about memories in archives, archives as memory of the community, our country, the world: our collective memory. But also memories of archivists and users of archives.

Memories in archives

We can say that all archives are memories. Or all archives contain memories. Archives form our collective memory. And all people who work in or with archives have memories of their work with archives, their visits to archives, their researches in archives, their participation in activities organized by archives and archivists.

Lots of archives keep documents about memories in their collections. Think of letters, diaries, friendsbooks, postcards, photographs, drawings. But we can also think about documents of governments and organisations about all kinds of activities.

All those documents can be a contribution to the Twitter event #archivesmemory. The format is quite open: tweet a scan, do an infographic, gif, animation, blogpost, podcast, flashmob, picture album – just make sure to tweet it, using the hashtag #archivesmemory.
Archives are full of memories

So, fellow archivists, let's make a memory tour in our depots and show our most beautiful, special, memorable, valuable, extraordinary memory documents in our archives on June 9, International Archives Day, and contribute to ‘Archives, Governance, Memory and Heritage’!

How can we show memory in our archives?

  • Ego-documents, like diaries, letters, friendsbooks, photo albums, etc.
  • Postcards with greetings to loved ones at home
  • Photographs and portraits of loved ones
  • Photographs and drawings made to remember things that happened
  • Books about memories
  • Sound, music, video, film, containing memories or brings you memories
  • Documents of governments and organizations that brings you an 'AH-erlebnis'
  • All kinds of archival stuff that brings you memories
  • Memories of the archives building or your working places in archives
  • Memories of your work as an archivist
  • Memories of your research in archives
  • Memories of your visit to an archive or your contact with archivists
  • Memories of any kind connected with archives and archivists

Make a memory yourself and organize an event on International Archives Day

  • Make a memory tour in your depots, alone, with colleagues, with visitors
  • Invite children/adults to make a memorable drawing or picture of their visit to your archive
  • Make an exhibition about memories in your city in your archives building or in the city, perhaps together with visitors, artists or a school
  • Organize a memorable event, make pictures of it and share these memories on social media
  • How do you like archives to be remembered? As dusty, dark and boring places or as places full of life, exiting stories, great documents and for everyone available? Make a slogan and tweet it
  • Do a memorable flashmob
  • Make online something fun with old diarys, letters, friendsbooks, drawings, photographs, postcards, posters, etc. – just gif it up!

#archivesmemory: memories in archives. Let’s celebrate with #archivesmemory the ICA theme ‘Archives, Governance, Memory and Heritage’ and make a memorable #IAD18 of June 9!

Your contribution, your choice

We just gave some exemples how to join #archivesmemory on June 9 on Twitter. Your contribution could naturally also be something completely different: documents of huge importance and great archival beauty that every archivist and every user and lover of archives must have seen.
It is your choice, and we look forward to your contribution!
Join International Archives Day on Twitter!

We hope lots of archives, archivists and all people who love archives will join.
Let us show together, using the hashtag #archivesmemory, how memories in archives can contribute to Governance and Heritage and how archives play a vital part in documenting the memory of the community, of the world, of the people who live on our planet.

Sharing #archivesmemory gives us the oportunity to meat people via internet with the same love for archives, objects, a special year or for music or the joy of being an archivist or being a researcher.

Other platforms

Twitter is the main platform for the event, but you can do #archivesmemory on most other platforms too. Show of your diaries on Instagram, take the opportunity to use the Facebook Live video, featuring memorable sounds of music, TV programs or films, write a blogpost… but be sure to tweet about it on June 9!


This Twitter event #archivesmemory on #IAD18 is organized by Ask Archivists and Follow An Archive, managed by Anneke van Waarden-Koets (The Netherlands) and Charlotte S.H. Jensen (Denmark).

We wish you a great International Archives Day on June 9 and we are looking forward to your #archivesmemory!

Anneke and Charlotte

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