Be a part of your cultural heritage and follow an archive


2010 November 12 : #followanarchive day on twitter!

Many people follow an archive on twitter.
Archives are important.

They preserve the history of mankind.
Your history!

If more people follow an archive
more people will get involved
in their own history,
in the history of their ancestors,
in the history of their town, their country,
in the history of the world and mankind!

Take part in your own history
and follow an archive!

Tell a friend about your favourite archive.
Tell a friend about the discovery you made in an archive.
Tell a friend how archives inspire you.

Spread the word about archives on 2010 November 12 and use the hashtag #followanarchive !

Archives on Twitter

More and more archives are active on social media networks. One of these social media networks is Twitter. On Twitter people can put short messages containing 140 characters to tell the world what they are doing or what they think is important to know or to share.
Archives have also discovered Twitter. Lots of archives and archivists are on Twitter to share news about archives and to be in contact with their public.

Twitteractie Follow an archive

To get more intention for archives on Twitter there will be a Twitter action #followanarchive on 2010 November 12. This Twitter action is an initiative of Charlotte Jensen of the National Museum in Copenhagen, Bente Jensen of the City Archive of Aalborg (both in Denmark) and Poulus Bliek & Anneke van Waarden-Koets of the Zealand Archive in Middelburg (the Netherlands). The Twitter action in an international event, so every archive in the world can take part. The name of the Twitter action is: Follow an archive! The hashtag (#) for the Twitter action is: #followanarchive.

#followanarchive on 2010 November 12

On Friday November 12, 2010 it is #followanarchive day on Twitter. On that day every archive in the world can try to get followers or more followers on Twitter. The main goal of the Twitter action Follw an archive is to get more attention to archives and their collections. And of course that archives and their followers can get directly into contact with eachother. Thrue Twitter, archives inform their followers about events, new collections, publications and other things worth knowing. Followers can ask questions, give tips and can retweet interesting archive tweets.

Information about the Follow an archive action
Charlotte, Bente, Poulus and Anneke (with help of Wilma, Lukas and Edwin, the organizers of #followalibrary) made several preparations for the Follow an archive day:
- claimed the url (is linked to the blog Followanarchive)
- made a weblog followanarchive with a twitter fountain to follow the hashtags #followanarchive and a global map where twittering archives can put their names and twitteraccounts on
- created a Twitter account followanarchive
- created a Twubs page followanarchive to follow the hashtags #followanarchive
- created a Facebook page Followanarchive Follow An Archive
- put followanarchive into GetGlue toppics
- put followanarchive into Foursquare
-preparing lists of twittering archives in the world
-preparing a promotion film about followanarchive
-promoted followanarchive on several social media platforms and at several archives conferences

Join Follow an archive day!
Join in on 2010 November 12 (12-11-10 in Europe, 10-11-12 in English)!
Follow an archive that day or tell your followers that day whitch archives you follow on Twitter. Tell your followers about your favourite archive, how archives inspire you, or about the exciting discovery you made in the archives!
Recommend archives at your followers and use the hashtag #followanarchive.

Charlotte, Bente, Poulus, Anneke